Events/Shows - Dublin

Dublin, Ireland’s vibrant capital, is a concert-goer’s paradise, offering a diverse mix of live music events across its storied venues. From the iconic 3Arena, hosting international superstars, to the historic Olympia Theatre, where the walls echo with decades of musical heritage, Dublin’s concert scene is electrifying. Vicar Street, another intimate hotspot, provides a uniquely Irish atmosphere for both artists and fans.
A city steeped in culture, Dublin’s cobbled streets resonate with the sounds of buskers, leading to the grandiose Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, known for its contemporary acts and stunning acoustics. The Aviva Stadium also occasionally transforms into a vast concert space, with the roar of the crowd replaced by the cheers of music enthusiasts. And there is of course, the great Croke Park for outside events.
Whether you’re after the thump of rock, the rhythms of indie, or the soulful strains of folk, Dublin’s concerts offer something for every music aficionado. Keep your finger on the pulse with our dedicated website, ensuring you never miss a beat on the latest concert tickets in Dublin.